Introducing Social-smart: social media marketing made easy.

Social-smart is offering a new way for marketers and agencies to streamline social media marketing campaigns. In developing and producing our own campaigns we discovered launching and managing social marketing campaigns is a fragmented process. It’s hard to engage and moderate conversation on multiple social networks, drive web traffic, build lists and conversions, and track results. Not to mention get to market quickly, too.

Social-smart has addressed that fragmentation with an easy-to-use web application for interfacing with the social networks. It integrates messaging, social statistics, web analytics, customer acquisition, and other features for managing campaigns. It’s a great new convenience for marketers, small agencies, and consultants that want to launch Internet marketing and social media marketing campaigns without all the overhead.

We’re just starting to reach out to customers and agency friends to ask them to test Social-smart. And, so far, we’ve been getting great results from every campaign.

We have a 30 min Social-smart demo every Tuesday and Thursday at 12:30p EDT. You can reserve a place by going to Schedule a Social-smart Social Media Marketing Demo

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