Join-the-Conversation and Social Media Marketing

What is Join-the-Conversation as it relates to Social Media Marketing?

First of all, this is not a new concept, in October, 2007, Joseph Jaffe published the book “Join the Conversation” and National Public Radio has been using the “Join the Conversation” phrase for quite a while.

Even though some conversations happen outside online social networks (they really do!), in this post we will stay inside.

What is a Conversation from the perspective of Social Media Marketing?

There are two types of conversations; the consumer-to-consumer and the marketer-to-consumer conversations. Online conversations generally means that consumers and marketers are talking in social networks or online forums. Conversations range from the casual to the important matters of the day.

Why is a Conversation good for a social media marketer?

It is a good thing when consumers talk to consumers about a marketer’s products and services. Consumer-to-consumer conversations means engaged consumers means more insight to the marketer; what’s the buzz, what are future trends? Conversations means pointing out the high-influencers that can be turned into brand advocates and even part of a business’ product development teams.

Marketer to consumer: a marketer needs to join a conversation when conversations run afoul of community guide lines or when conversations needs to be “un-stuck,” or in cases where there is no conversation and the marketer needs to start up conversations, or when marketers wants to move the conversations towards a specific goal. Moreover, marketers need to join conversations when they turn negative about the marketer’s products.

Once a conversation turns negative, a marketer must engage consumers head on. Not engaging means that consumers, even positively inclined consumers, lose trust in the business’ credibility and the outcome is lower sales. As a marketer, you take positive action on a negative event like Johnson & Johnson reaction to the Tylenol poisoning (Sep 1982) or you engage in heated conversations like GM’s blog responses to Tom Friedman’s attack on GM in NY times (June 2006). On a case by case basis, a marketer must determine the course of action where no action is a no op.

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