Engaging Conversation vs. Monitoring Buzz

There has been so much discussion about social monitoring. And there are so may companies doing it already (Nielsen Buzzmetrics, Visible Technologies, ComScore, Networked Insights, ScoutLabs, Radian6, KISSmetrics, Trackur, Twitter, WhosTalking, Google Analytics/Alerts/Search, Quantcast, and others) that you have to wonder how any one of them is sustainable.

With all the noise about monitoring, it’s easy to forget the reason for monitoring in the first place. To identify and engage the right conversations.

While the Social-smart dashboard already has Google Alerts (Free!) built in to monitor keyword buzz from online News, Blogs, and Videos — it has been developed to primarily focus on the engagement side. Once users identify where the conversation is, they can immediately post comments into the conversation. The dashboard’s message editor makes it easy to compose messaging with pre-approved ‘fragments.’ Users can include email addresses and links to a landing page to build participation, and create lead-generation organically.

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2 Responses to Engaging Conversation vs. Monitoring Buzz

  1. Mike Spataro says:

    There are definitely a number of companies that specialize in this area, but many are focusing on different areas of emphasis. I think one of the big mis-understandings in this emerging field is that we are all the same and doing the same kind of analysis and engagement – and that’s just not the case. When you peel back from the pretty sales demos, you’d see distinct differences in many of these companies and how some are a better fit for brands than others.

    Mike Spataro
    SVP, Visible Technologies

    • markrowntree says:

      You’re right, Mike. Thanks for the insight.

      In fact, when the monitoring question came up in a Q&A during today’s Blogging seminar at the NE-XPO for Business in Boston, a long list of monitoring companies was mentioned with little differentiation between them. Except price!

      As you mentioned, each service is probably unique and fills a specialized need (like PR or crisis-management) that the others don’t.

      The early adopter marketers and agencies we have talked to are often testing social marketing campaigns by bolting together different technologies and solutions. It’s a fragmented model that the long-tail of businesses couldn’t broadly adopt.

      Our focus is offering an integrated solution for launching, managing, and measuring social marketing campaigns. We should see how VT chocolate would taste in Social-smart peanut butter!

      Mark Rowntree

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