Marketing 2010 eBook – Some End of Year Thoughts

Marketing in 2010 - Social media becomes operational - eBook
I’ve seen many expressions regarding how glad people are to see the back end of 2009. I can’t say I blame them – it has been a tough year for many of us. However, 2009 has not been without progress when it comes to social media. In following the conversation as I do, several themes have emerged and coalesced as the months have gone by. The 2009 trends were very much geared towards how social media was defined; what the barriers to adoption were; how, or even if, one could measure the results of such an investment; and who in a company should own their social media? Also, in early 2009 there were very few practical examples of social media in action in business. Much of the conversation was based around theory – at least until the latter part of the year.

It was, therefore, with great interest that I read Valeria Maltoni‘s excellent free eBook ‘Marketing in 2010 – social media becomes operational: 10 marketers reveal direction’. For any marketers involved, or thinking about getting involved, in social media, this eBook is a ‘must read’. There are some very important lessons expressed in these pages, from many great authors on the subject, including some of the better known names in the field, such as Jason Baer and Olivier Blanchard.
Now, I don’t want to repeat the points made in the eBook – you can easily read it for yourself. But, I did want to highlight some quotes that were relevant in terms of our clients’ experience. I hope they encourage you to download the eBook for yourself – I would certainly recommend it as being worthy of your time and attention.
The first key takeaway for me was this, from Jason Baer:
“In many companies today … people are responding to positive and negative customer comments, on an ad hoc basis, with very little in the way of predetermined messaging, or desired outcomes. 2010 will be the year that the real-time Web forces marketers to act more like call center managers. We’re going to need to create or codify rules of engagement for who and how and why and whether the brand responds to or interacts with consumers.”
We have heard many client ask how they can use social media to improve their existing customer relations management (CRM) procedures. Social CRM is another key theme to have emerged over the course of 2009, and one that will certainly expand during 2010. Jason also makes an important point about predetermined messaging. In many cases, in addition to the guidance the marketing department has about what is said to customers by call center (and by extension, social media) staff, the legal department wants to weigh in too. Our Social-smart Dashboard was designed with precisely this in mind. Different departments can login to collaboratively develop preset messages that can be stored for easy access by members of staff who are actively engaging with customers — providing consistent messaging where that is both desired, or required.
As Jason admits,
“This will unavoidably remove some of the spontaneity and
spunk from social media interactions, but the tradeoff of a more logical, assured communication program will be a worthy exchange.”
The second key point is raised by Olivier Blanchard –
“As companies begin to realize that business objectives drive strategy, then tools and tactics (not the other way around) 2009’s focus on “getting on Facebook and Twitter and YouTube” will become last year’s little “we were all just learning how to crawl” inside joke.”
Those of us in social media have known this for some time, but we are still meeting companies that have only just started their ‘getting on FaceBook and Twitter’ effort. As more examples of best practices and successful strategies appear, social media companies will have an easier time pointing their clients in the right direction and demonstrating how defining ‘business-objectives-first’ will help them in both the short-term and long-term. Jackie Huber reiterates the point in her piece, stating that ‘it is now time to get boring’.
As Olivier Blanchard clearly demonstrates –
“Effective, sustainable, scalable social media programs all have a basic underlying framework … 2010 is the year that we should start to see companies get serious about their investment in social media, get savvy about how to integrate and deploy social technologies and thought leadership across their organizations, and move away from “shiny object syndrome” to a more appropriate “business process and best practices” approach to the space.”
Certainly, if there is any one lesson that has come out of the experience of 2009 it is that social media is a business process strategy. It is a fundamentally different approach to how a business engages both with its customers and its staff. To me, that is exactly what makes social media such an exciting thing to be doing as we head into 2010!
Great stuff – enjoy with a glass of wine in front of a log fire – here is the link for downloading the eBook –
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7 Responses to Marketing 2010 eBook – Some End of Year Thoughts

  1. Thanks so much, goin to read it now!

  2. Jay Baer says:

    Thanks so much for the kind words. I appreciate you ncluding me in your wrap-up, and thanks to Valeria for inviting me to participate. Next year will bring a schism between “social” and “media.” I see CRM as firmly rooted in the first camp. Looking forward to new products and sucess stories on that front.

  3. Jasper Blake says:

    My pleasure Jay – great stuff! I hope we will be in a position to provide some of those success stories!
    Hope you have a great Christmas.

  4. Mark Stoler says:

    Thanks so much, great post.

  5. NLP Training says:

    Ebook is very in demand nowadays. Since we are exposed in high technology today, we need to make sure about the quality of ebook that we’ve made and of course the marketing part could be very difficult because of competition.

  6. Thank you for the awsome article. I’m going to keep an observation on your site, i allready saved it to own list 🙂

  7. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this field. I must say that ebooks are bery much important now and it plays a great role here online…

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