Tapping into social and location value with creative brand experiences

Month at the Museum, Chicago Museum of Science & IndustryHot on the heals of our last blog post are two articles which highlight the importance of creating unique brand experiences. Whether you are a nonprofit that wants to raise volunteerism and fundraising; a company needing a brand makeover; or an enterprise looking to create awareness and participation in a corporate social responsibility program — how customers and the public can engage with your brand is changing.
The first article from Adage, How to Get the Social-Media Generation Behind Your Cause, is based on a study by ad agency TBWA/Chiat/Day, which looked at the motivations of young adults getting involved in causes. Several insights were highlighted which have profound impact for brand marketers — one of which was active participation.
Among the reasons young adults gave for taking up social causes are feeling like they can do something to help; knowing their involvement will make a difference; actively seeking out involvement; receiving information that prompts them to act; and the fact that getting involved feels fun and social.
It is no longer enough just to donate a few dollars and forget about it. Increasingly, people of all ages want to know what effect their contribution has and want to get actively involved in helping their particular cause. Forward looking nonprofits, social enterprises and even corporations that are looking to promote their good deeds via their corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs, have great potential in tapping into this new energy and desire to participate.
In his blog post – ‘Offering unique experiences generate attention for nonprofits‘ – David Meerman Scott provided an ideal example of an organization finding new ways to tap into that potential. The Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago is running a unique promotion experience whereby people can apply to be what, in effect, is writer-in-residence for a ‘Month at the Museum‘. The person chosen from all the applicants will literally live at the museum for a month, experiencing and reporting on everything they see, do and learn during their time there. I bet there will be a lot of applicants as well, and not just for the nice array of prizes they get for doing so either!
This is a great example of an organization using a creative participation experience and involvement to promote their brand. As their tag line suggests, it is about ‘being the experiment’, not just ‘viewing’ the experiment. This is a great example of a location-based marketing experience that’s participatory — for ONE. Social-smart develops experiences for thousands to participate in — to multiply the social and location value from the brand experience.
Over the course of the coming months Social-smart will be launching a few exciting new location-based participatory art experiences that raise awareness and drive participation for an issue — they demonstrate how Social-smart’s creative experiences engage and build brand communities by integrating social media, location-marketing, and live events into the experience, too.
It’s a marketing mix of traditional broadcast publicity and PR with new online touchpoints (desktop, tablet and smartphone) that make the brand experience more relevant and accessible. The attention-economy also requires new risk-taking to increase awareness and participation. Social-smart’s strategy uses daring creative arts and provocative live experiences to inspire viral sharing and generate word-of-mouth publicity.
Considering the economy, for most companies, it is more about how they can earn media than buying media. Our social media marketing campaigns and corporate social responsibility programs can be a very effective way to generate earned media. Let Social-smart show you how. Check out our new website and, if we can be of help, give us a call.

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