Social-smart Produces the First Live Dramatic Series on Facebook

Last night was the last episode of our pilot release of The Scrimms, the first live dramatic series of its kind produced on Facebook®. The Scrimms production was a success as it establishes a new form of live interactive social-networked entertainment.

In total The Scrimms included 4 hours of live performance, 70 animated videos, 33 Facebook Pages, and 4 Twitter accounts. It was watched live around the world.

Here is a little bit about the project:

The 8-episode thriller uses Facebook social networking features and creative programming for an experience that is part book, part TV show, and part live-theatre.

The Scrimms is the provocative story of a Facebook family torn apart by greed, obsession, and loss of privacy. The series makes the audience complicit in the uncensored voyeurism of The Scrimms’ twisted lives. From the family’s own Facebook posts to police wiretaps and video surveillance, the plot reveals a secretive business deal to corner the Rare Earth Metals market.

The series was developed by Social-smart LLC, of Boston. Inspired by the Wall Street Journal’s “What They Know” series that exposes the rampant abuse of the public’s privacy online, The Scrimms dramatizes how our digital lifestyles are eroding our privacy — and pokes fun at how our own careless, dysfunctional “sharing” is causing much of the problem. According to Social-smart’s President Mark Rowntree, “The bigger question is “Whose data is it?” We all like to think our information is our own, but today’s billion-dollar online businesses depend on it being THEIRS.”

Social-smart gave The Scrimms an experimental media experience that combines a cast of 21 virtual misfits in a live Facebook feed of text, photography, video, and animation. Working with a low budget, the producers used amateur talent, and a home-made style popularized online to produce a funny, charming production. “The production is powered by a mash-up of many of today’s free open- source applications in the “online cloud!,” says Social-smart producer and manager Lindsay Nelson.

Some of the positive press we received was from Austin Gardner-Smith of BostonInnovation who wrote, “The Scrimms Turns Your Facebook Feed Into An Interactive TV Experience.” “The end result is a unit of content (or would you call it an experience) that uses your Facebook feed to create a rich, multimedia-enhanced narrative where the characters are interacting with each other through status updates and wall posts while also sharing finished animations, videos, and photos. It’s a very cool, very trippy experience that opens up all kinds of possibilities for using the Facebook platform in creative, immersive ways.”

The Scrimms premiered on Facebook Tuesday, March 8th – 15th, 2011 at 9:00pm (EST).

To watch, users needed to use the Facebook “Like” feature on “The Scrimms” Facebook Tab to like the Cast; then set their Facebook News Feed to “Most Recent.” The series is intended for “mature audiences” and uses Facebook’s age restriction feature to only allow access to an 18+ audience.

We’re planning on re-releasing The Scrimms again for the US and Europe in the future. Stay tuned to our Facebook page where we will announce the upcoming schedule.

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