How to Use Facebook for a Live Brand Experience

Creative brand experiences are an engaging way to connect with today’s social and mobile consumers.

Creative experiences and content that’s entertaining, relevant, informative or useful is “magnetic.” It creates conversations and inspires sharing. Magnetic content can attract “Likes” that encourages others to Like and share as well. This is ‘earned media’.

Today’s marketers want to blend owned-media (content), paid-media (ads), and earned-media (brand fans) to grow an opt-in network for delivering messages in the future – for free.

Social-smart produces social media strategies for multi-channel integrated marketing. Now, it’s pioneering a unique new brand experience called Live Facebook Performances that use your Facebook News Feed to tell stories in real time. It’s an experience that is part book, part TV show, and part live-theatre.

Using Facebook for storytelling is a huge advance in how the Facebook platform is used. Instead of just using it to make announcements, live performances combine interactive Facebook features into FUN immersive experiences.

Here is a short video that explains the Live Facebook Performances strategy:

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