How Financial Services Companies Use Content and Social Media for Lead Generation

Financial services companies are starting to use content and social media for integrated inbound marketing campaigns. Producing content that’s useful to the target audience is key to generating leads. Relevant content is magnetic – it produces registrations and raises website traffic.

Like all consumers today, investors are searching for information online before they buy. With a simple search they can find blogs, videos, books, and live research data. Financial services companies who want to generate new leads and increase sales need to offer the content and answers that investors are looking for. High-quality content is part of the “service experience” that customers expect.

One successful lead generating strategy is a content-based conversion funnel like the one above. The financial services company offers prospects premium content through targeted display ads, search ads, and social media. The technique delivers qualified prospects by running demographically targeted online ads with call-to-action headlines like: “4 Ways to Avoid Running Out Of Money During Retirement,” and “Should You Be Buying Stocks Right Now?” Users can click-thru to a simple landing page to register for premium research reports. The company also offers links to the content on its website, and Education Center Pages. Links to research reports or video content should also be promoted with social media marketing on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and with comments on investment-themed blogs.

A ‘Freemium’ model is always an effective way to drive inbound marketing. Prospects can get “basic” content on the company’s web site and on the social networks for free [it is optimized to appear in both natural search and social media search results]. Or they can get “premium” content by registering on a landing page [promoted with online ads and with links on the company website and social media].

This approach is a good way for a company to build trust. The prospects have a choice for how, and when they get the information they want. They can decide to experience the content on their own time — with a download, on the website, by subscribing to the company newsletter, or by requesting a phone call for faster service.

Do you use social media to market financial services? What kind of content are investors looking for?

Social-smart offers professional consulting and production services for social media marketing and corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs. We specialize in creative strategies that integrate social media, location-marketing, and live events into the marketing mix. Adding new touchpoints makes brands and causes more relevant and accessible.

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7 Responses to How Financial Services Companies Use Content and Social Media for Lead Generation

  1. Great information. Nice diagram!

  2. car battery says:

    So that’s how it works. I now have the idea of its whole process. So the next time I may encounter this, at least I already know how to handle it.

    • Mark Rowntree says:

      Yes, the formula can be applied to other businesses. It is particularly good for a business like investment services where customers need more information before they ‘buy.’

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