How to Make Infographics ‘Social’ With Live Data and Commenting

Social Infographics

Infographics became popular a few years ago as a new way to engaged users over social networks. They offered users interesting nuggets of information, and were easily shared. When one went viral it could create incredible awareness — companies became interested. But their ‘Flat’ document formats (like JPG or PDF) created limitations.

JPG, GIF, and PDF documents are not ‘responsive’ for multi-device display,
They usually don’t allow links back to their creators,
Information is often outdated so quickly it loses its value to users,

Social-smart has developed a ‘smarter’ solution that solves those limitations. The Occupy infographic above is the model for a ‘live, social infographic format’ that improves the value for company sponsors and users alike. The approach uses real-time data that doesn’t get stale, and commenting that promotes sharing AND makes the infographic a live experience for users. Social-smart is working on a version for tablet publishing.

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